Awareness     |    Alignment    |   Action

Did you click on the image in the previous page just because the text was moving?
We would like to bring to your attention that you may have clicked that image because you are a READER and not a visual person!

There is a lot going on in Web pages so it is quite possible that the user takes certain action(s) which are not what we intend them to do. HOW do we make the user-Interface MATCH the user-Interest??

No matter what you are doing, you are ultimately concerned about Health, Wealth, Love and Inspiration. Human beings have organized different belief systems to achieve these common goals. Sometimes those belief systems pose a challenge because they no longer serve as a means but have become ends in themselves. If a certain practise, ritual or belief no longer brings us happiness, is there any sense in practising the same?

Change your beLIEf and turn a new LEAF!