Many things in our world are no longer valid.
Assembled into a classroom with 30 other kids trying to learn the same thing in the same way is one of them. HUman BEings are unique. This uniqueness has three levels. The brain, (actual physical capacity, skills and talents) emotional patterns (which depends on gender) and the personality based on psychic identity. "We are living with immense possibility, where anyone with the proper access to knowledge can create new avenues of expression that lies in the limitless creativity of human being. Health, wealth, emotional well-being and spiritual insight is now potentially available to every single member of the human race. Indeed, what prevents the realization of universal health and prosperity is something completely different from previous challenges which were more external in character. What prevents us to realize the possibilities now is based more on personal consciousness than anything else."
~Teaching is Out, Learning is IN!

ZAP was designed by Writer and Learning Specialist, Zafar Satyavan who graduated from the International Academy for Creative Teaching, Bangalore.