Awareness     |    Alignment    |   Action

This is the Shift - a platform from where you can learn, work, make a living and everything else. The only thing is.. our real life systems are still based on a previous mode of thinking, the industrial model that was engineered to make consumption the only way of life. Its framework is restricted to a Nation-state and does not address the reality of a Global system. The Shift is about addressing the question: Who are we as a species and What is the purpose of my life? It is about the Awareness of Intent and then aligning our thoughts, feelings and actions with that intent.

In the new human-capital driven economy, knowledge is demanding and powerful. It cannot be managed using the methods applied to other physical assets such as money or equipment. Change is inherent to this new paradigm and it can be said with absolute certainty now that the world will be different in 12 months.. as innovations continue to accelerate the rate of changes that drive the economy of the 21st century.

So, how do you learn something that is changing as we speak?

The first step is to become aware that we are going through a paradigm shift. That this shift is also personal and invested in our individual choices and it requires action. And then, there are many others who have made similar choices and our participation is necessary to reach the critical mass of this movement.

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the Shift is about..
..eating healthy and Yoga
..going beyond Religion
..all of the above

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